Message From Director Sukkur IBA University

My message is quite simple but implies continuous struggle for change. On every “to-day” we should dream of better “tomorrow”. Sukkur IBA is determined to become the center of Excellence for achieving the goal of betterment of Sindh, prosperity of Pakistan and welfare of the world at large. (Prof. Nisar Ahmed Siddiqui).

Message From Director CEL&Inc., Sukkur IBA University

Youth entrepreneurship is increasingly being recognized as a valuable strategy for unleashing the productive and innovative potential of young people. It empowers them to create jobs and contribute positively to a sustainable economy and society. We at CEL&Inc. consider entrepreneurship as a key factor for economic development and is an essential element of our teaching and youth development so that, we get benefit from the socio-economic potential of young population and contribute job creators to the nation (IKHTIAR Ahmed Khoso).


Sukkur IBA student of General Electrician won the 3rd position in the 1st National Skills Competitiion, 2016 held at Islamabad                 Sukkur IBA received the best partner shield from the Honourable President of Pakistan for implementing PMYSDP Phase II under National Vocational and Technical Training Commission in Sindh Region                 With the right amount of training, consultancy and mentorship CL&Inc. helped our technology start-up to grow in a short span of time (Mr. Ather Hussain CEO GoTech Enterprise)                 I started my own business after completing six months technical course at CEL&Inc. Sukkur IBA (Mr. Attaullah PMYSDP-Alumni)                 Computerized Accounting Course under PMYSDP, Phase-II at CEL&Inc. Sukkur IBA helped me to promote as Assistant Manager at Tameer Bank (Mr. Shehryar Khan PMYSDP-Alumni)                 After completing Solar System Assembly course at CEL&Inc. Sukkur IBA, I grew up my business to Solar Pannels Assembly and mentainance (Mr. Deepak Kumar)                 I received the 1st prize from the Honourable President of Pakistan after completing my course at CEL&Inc. Sukkur IBA (Ms. Monika Kumari)


Enterprise Development

The CEL&Inc. senior management and team assist students, alumni and community to launch and grow their business ventures. More

Consultancy Network

The CEL&Inc. consultancy and business development network consists of individuals drawn from the ranks of professional business More

Entrepreneurial Synergy

The CEL&Inc. co-locates entrepreneur firms established by the students that provides the prospect of generating a symbiotic More

Access to Funding Sources

Selected incubating company is guided for access to funding sources in this regard, the CEL&Inc. identifies the financial needs More

Flexible Space

The CEL&Inc. provides flexible office space of around 10 thousand square feet including reception services, shared meeting room More

Shared Services

The CEL&Inc. offers shared services to the incubated firms so that their operating expense can be reduced. The shared More

Entrepreneurship Development Program

The CEL&Inc. offers different degree, diploma, certificates, workshops and seminars to the students, faculty and community to More

Entrepreneurship Development Projects

The CEL&Inc. undertakes different entrepreneurial projects to develop the entrepreneur culture, to promote youth entrepreneurship More





CEL&Inc. Sukkur IBA University
03:00 PM to 05:00 PM

Sukkur IBA University



CEL&Inc. Sukkur IBA University
09:00 am To 05:30 pm

DICE 2018 Mega Innovation and Entrepreneurship Event

(Click Here for Details)


One Day Workshop

CEL&Inc. Sukkur IBA University
03:00pm To 05:00pm

CEL&Inc. is arranging one day workshop on "Decoding Social Entrepreneurship".

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Two Days Workshop

CEL&Inc. Sukkur IBA University
09:00 AM to 03:00 PM

TechEd Workshop at Sukkur IBA University

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CEL&Inc. Sukkur IBA University
11:00am To 12:00pm

Flash Mob of DIC VIC' 2016 Near Cafeteria Garden Sukkur IBA


MoU Signing Ceremony

CEL&Inc. Sukkur IBA University
10:00am To 01:00pm

MoU Signing Ceremony with DICE Foundation.


Ball State Webinar

CEL&Inc. Sukkur IBA University
03:00pm To 05:00pm

Next webinar session in collaboration with by Ball State University on Career services is scheduled on Tuesday, 20-12-2016.


Boot Camp

CEL&Inc. Sukkur IBA University
09:00am To 05:00pm

Sukkur IBA in knowledge partnership with the martin trust entrepreneurship center for MIT (USA) is organizing three days entrepreneurial boot camp from 1st to 3rd March 2017.

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Cultural Night

Sukkur IBA University
05:00pm To 10:00pm

Cultural Night on 17th August 2016



NAVTTC Accredited Courses

Sukkur IBA University has been first time ACCREDITED by NAVTTC highest skill development regulating body of the country in A category for the 12 Skill Development Courses.

(Click Here to Download the List of Accredited Curses)

MoU with Engro Found.

Sukkur IBA University signed a Memorandum of Understanding-MoU with Engro Foundation for the Women Entrepreneurship Training on 10th November, 2017.

PMYSDP Phase-IV, Btch-II

Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership & Incubation(CEL&Inc) announces PMSYDP Phase-IV, Batch-II under NAVTTC at Sukkur IBA University.
Last date to apply is 31-03-2018.

(Click Here to Download the Admission Form)

MoU with Hult Prize

Sukkur IBA University signed a Memorandum of Understanding-MoU with Hult Prize on 4th December, 2017. Strtup Cup a start-up at Sukkur IBA University has been selected among top 25 in Pakistan Start-up Cup 2017 out of 80 teams. Now, team will contest with 24 other start-up ideas for the National Event.

Boot Camp'17

Sukkur IBA in knowledge partnership with the Martin Trust Entrepreneurship center for MIT (USA) organized three days Entrepreneurial Boot Camp from 1st to 3rd March 2017 at Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership and Incubation.

DICE VIC'16 Exhibition

CEL&Inc. organized one day exhibition of DICE VIC'16 projects inaugurated by Director Sukkur IBA Prof. Nisar Ahmed Siddiqui.

Cultural Night

CEL&Inc. Sukkur IBA organized Cultural and Musical Night on 17th August, 2016.

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Success Story 1

Success Story 1