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Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership and Incubation has always been focusing on developing the entrepreneurial mindset of the Sukkur IBA University family and to develop an entrepreneurial ecosystem within the university. he ecosystem that would provide a platform where SIBAU family can practice their entrepreneurial ideas, skills and knowledge. Among such many initiatives “EK DIN SALE KA” was a unique initiative with the then students of BBA-V-C of Fall, 2019. Where students following the effectual model of entrepreneurship started their own sale units from the means generated within their own resources. This one-day activity resulted in start-ups, experience, learning, networking, selling and validation of ideas through customer feedback

This time we are enduring our legacy of EK DIN KA SALE with an opportunity to the whole family of SIBAU so that the students, faculty, staff, family members and children could come up with their entrepreneurial ideas and practice for one whole day. The unique ideas would also be incubated within the Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership and Incubation for commercialization.