Social Enterprise

Social Enterprises Incubated at CEL&Inc. Sukkur IBA

CEL&Inc. incubated two social enterprises initiatives at its Incubation Center, after the training on Social Enterprise by the British Council in 2015. The initiative have been taken by two group of students who were trained during the training and have been convinced to go for venture that have social impact on society as whole.

Zariya Foundation

Zariya Foundation is a Charity-based Social Enterprise. The purpose of the foundation is to bring prosperity in lives of underprivileged class of Sukkur Particularly and Sindh in general. Zariya Foundation aims to collaborate with local businesses/organizations which are little or not involved in “Corporate Social Responsibilities”. Zariya Foundation has a two-pronged business strategy. First, to aware those organizations who have no role to return to the society or have little understanding of CSR. Second, to gather funds from mentored business organizations to invest in the education of the students who cannot afford. The focus areas of Zariya Foundation are on education, health, women empowerment and capacity building.

Desert Collection “The Colors of Thar”

Desert Collection is established by Team Innovation with the vision to provide a market linkage to the scores of artisans especially rural women of district Tharparkar initially at regional level and then gradually at national and international level. Desert Collection plans to strengthen the Social Enterprise in order to gradually help it in growing into a leading social and ethical fashion house. It is being envisaged to evolve into a brand where innovation, tradition and workmanship comes together to provide exclusive handmade products both for the local and international market and simultaneously it creates systematic and strong opportunities for greater and more sustainable incomes for the rural artisans especially women.

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