U nder the patronage of Management of Sukkur IBA, a unique and innovative journey of the establishment of Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership and Incubation (CEL&Inc.) took place in year 2012. It was an ambitious plan to do something that has never been attempted in the region by any other institute. This center was established to provide motivation and support to the students, alumni and community to become better business leaders who can shoulder the responsibility of nation building. The CEL&Inc. at Sukkur IBA advances the knowledge and practice of the entrepreneurship and innovation, supports entrepreneurial learning and collaboration through its cutting-edge curriculum, innovative hands-on learning experiences, and leading faculty research, as well as conferences, mentorship, community and global outreach programs.

The CEL&Inc has opened new avenues of growth and economic development for the country where employment is a major challenge. The Center has offered a practical alternative to boom the economic infrastructure and has given a new field of education to the youth who suffer with limited choice amongst business specializations being offered in Pakistan.

Moreover, the Center has been successful in creating a platform and think tank which will drive innovation and creativity in this part of the globe. It is capitalizing on the phenomenon that majority of the population in the country is of youth, and it aims to enable the youth and women with the power to establish their own enterprise, thus reviving the worsening unemployment situation and providing sustainability to the economic infrastructure.

Message From Director CEL&Inc., Sukkur IBA

Youth entrepreneurship is increasingly being recognized as a valuable strategy for unleashing the productive and innovative potential of young people. It empowers them to create jobs and contribute positively to a sustainable economy and society. We at CEL&Inc. consider entrepreneurship as a key factor for economic development and is an essential element of our teaching and youth development so that, we get benefit from the socio-economic potential of young population and contribute job creators to the nation.(IKHTIAR Ahmed Khoso)