Sukkur IBA University assigns utmost importance to entrepreneurship. Under the Patronage of Management of Sukkur IBA University a unique and innovative journey of the establishment of the Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership and Incubation (CEL&Inc.) took place in 2012. It was an ambitious plan to do something that has never been attempted in the region of any other institute. The CEL&Inc. helps to translate new and innovative ideas into economically viable products and services with aim to contribute vibrant tech and agro based economy in Pakistan which is achieved through innovation culture, incubation, collaboration, entrepreneurship curriculum development, entrepreneurial research, conferences, community interventions, mentorship and global outreach programs. The CEL&Inc. provides support to young entrepreneurs in the form of consultations, connecting them with national and international marketing through its existing networking.

Our vision is to contribute in developing a robust, vibrant, tech, and agro based economy in Pakistan by developing entrepreneurial ecosystem, culture and practices that will support entrepreneurs and innovative start-up businesses.

The management of CEL&Inc. is convinced and determined that entrepreneurship is the solution for the youth employment and economic development of the country. Keeping in view the importance of the entrepreneurship the CEL&Inc. is supporting students, alumni and members of local community in initiating their start-ups. Due to the innovation culture and continuous mentoring, networking and training CEL&Inc. incubated 9 new start-ups in 2015-16 which has total investment of Rs. 9.325 million. The incubated new start-ups employed 53 individual and 10 internees with annual revenue above Rs. 12.199 million. Currently CEL&Inc. is building a university driven entrepreneurial driven ecosystem virus in the region with the support of government, universities, community and international partners to further contribute new agro and tech based entrepreneurs to the national economy.

Our mission is to offer University-Driven platform and researched solutions those are relevant to the national needs and adjustable to the national context through collaboration of efforts by HEC, university.

During the year 2015-16 CEL&Inc. 7 startups graduated from the incubation and won medal of innovation award from Pakistan Innovation Foundation, received Best Partner Award from the President of Pakistan for implementing the PMYSDP under NAVTTC vocational skill development project. The mentored and trained students won DICE Business Plan Competition, and different skill competitions at national level.

Message From Director CEL&Inc., Sukkur IBA

Youth entrepreneurship is increasingly being recognized as a valuable strategy for unleashing the productive and innovative potential of young people. It empowers them to create jobs and contribute positively to a sustainable economy and society. We at CEL&Inc. consider entrepreneurship as a key factor for economic development and is an essential element of our teaching and youth development so that, we get benefit from the socio-economic potential of young population and contribute job creators to the nation.(IKHTIAR Ahmed Khoso)